I am a designer specialized in digital media and branding. I am currently living in Denver Colorado originally from Seoul South Korea. I graduated University of Colorado at Denver in 2014 and majored in Digital Design. I love photography, videography and am very passionate about breakin’ also known as breakdancing. Being enthusiastic about breakin’ for a long period of time, this concentration inspired me a lot as a designer because many elements in breakin’ such as foundation, originality and execution are very important for professional design. I was born and raised in South Korea. This background allowed me to gain global perspectives— A global perspective is important because many human problems that we face in the U.S. are far more serious elsewhere. I went to Kaywon Art and Design School for Intermedia Art, and it was helpful to improve my creative thinking and experimental ideas. Furthermore, I joined Korean military for an air assault for two years and earned willpower and execution from extreme drills and disciplines, as well as the responsibilities. If you would like to talk to me about my project or anything, please do not hesitate email me. Thank you for reading.